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When it’s push month/week in our house, not much cooking goes on. Push time is when I pretty much have my nose in my newest book finishing it up. It’s when I have everything about the story mapped out and everything comes together. I only have to get it out of my head and get it onto paper.

That is where I am. I’m almost done. I have four to five chapters to neatly finish everything and I’m done. With each novel I’ve written, I have expected the exhilaration to lesson. But, I suppose it’s like being ecstatic over each baby a woman has. Having one, two or three previously in no way lessons the joy of subsequent babies that arrive on the scene.

So, on to the types of food we eat during our “push” period. We have pizza and fast food and pancakes and bacon. Did I say pizza? I believe we go through more pizza during this time than any thing else.

I did take the time to make some chocolate covered bananas. I love them. They love me. We love each other. And they remind me of my childhood. My aunt used to make frozen chocolate covered bananas for us as treats when we would visit her. One time my cousins and I snuck up in the middle of the night after a freshly made batch of bananas were put in the freezer. We were happily eating them when we heard a noise. Thinking the source was an adult getting up, we stashed those bananas all over the place. We found most of them. Let’s just say that frozen bananas are best kept frozen.

I also remember eating homemade blueberry pie at this aunt’s house. I ran away once and got sent to bed without supper. I remember my aunt feeling guilty over my punishment so she woke me up in the middle of the night and gave me a big piece of blueberry pie.

Biscuits and gravy, fried potatoes, pinto bean soup (yuck), and fried bologna sandwiches will always remind me of my grandmother. Also, something I do to this day that I remember my grandmother doing was smashing up her over easy eggs. I miss her. She’s been gone a while.

I have very few memories of my childhood. I like the few good ones I have.

Are there people in your life who have inspired your love for certain foods? Do you have memories of certain dishes that are tied up in events or activities? Let me know about them. Please share.

Darlene Shortridge
Author Of Fiction That Makes A Difference!

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