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One Author's Journey #6

If my dad were alive today, he would be 104. When he was a small boy (There is a dispute in the family as to exactly how small he was.) he was asleep in the back of a wagon. His family did not own an automobile at this time so they were using horses and wagons to move from Kansas to Oklahoma. As he slept, he rolled off the tailgate of the wagon and landed in the tall grasses or the prairie. He hit his head and was knocked out for some time. When he came to himself, the wagon was just disappearing down a dip in the flat land. He followed the trail the wagon wheels made from denting the grass until he reached the camp of his family. They had not missed him because they were occupied with the livestock and gathering cowchips for fuel for the cooking fire.

This story always scared me when my mother recited it at family gatherings. The grass was as tall as my dad was. She said that many children were lost forever in the old days because of situations similar to this. Because of the danger and family connection, I had to use this story in my sixth book, Some Happy Day, Book I of the series, Rescued...a Series of Hope.

I changed the story to me a baby girl who was around fourteen months old. A cowboy who was running from the law found her in the tall grass. She was not old enough to even tell him her name. The story grew from this.

As I worked on this book, I found myself even more engrossed in marketing all the books I had written. I am so thankful for the authors who have written great marketing books as well as for those who have befriended me an helped me hammer out a good marketing plan. I have discovered many kind and generous friends within the 'author community'. It is a pleasure to network with people who do not feel that we are in competition.

Rescued...a Series of Hope is a series that is still in progress. It intersects the books in the Nan's Heritage Series. There were nine girls who were rescued from a bad situation. This series details each girl's life before, during, and after their kidnapping. It as been interesting how ideas in these story lines have developed. I think a lot of the situations and challenges the characters face come from the old timey stories my mother and daddy told us. They also had friends who loved to tell about their lives. I am thankful for the time my parents invested in me.

I had tackled one of the rescued girls in this book. The next book had to follow two of the others. The setting was close to home, so I had to get it right. I will attempt to tackle the job of telling you about those challenges next week.

Elaine Littau

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