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Like a Dog With a Bone!

There is a box lying on my living room floor. I don’t want it there. I want the thing opened and the various boards inside put together to form the bookshelf they were meant to be.

But, is my husband putting it together? No. He’s not. So, I guess I’ll have to do it myself.

Now that is scary. I really have no business putting together anything that comes in parts. I don’t have the mental capacity for it. Nor the patience. Nor the tenacity. I can keep on going but I think you get it.

Here’s the deal. I have women coming over on Friday. Isn’t it funny how the status quo is fine until someone might be around to see the status quo?

That box has been in my living room for three weeks! While I don’t really think it matches my living room furniture, I haven’t exactly thrown a fit about it being there, until now.

In fact, not only do I want it gone, but I want it put together and standing in my office so I can unpack the rest of my boxes and have a nice neat tidy office before Friday. My husband is laughing at me. I really don’t think this is funny.

Ugh. I have to clean, cook and grocery shop and I can’t see my having time to organize a bookshelf on Friday. Yeah, that’s the skinny of it. Don’t men get it? It’s not like I can drop everything on Friday and just unpack.

I’m a now kind of gal. I get something in my head and I’m like a dog with a bone. I remember noticing the same character traits in my children in the past. I guess I don’t have to wonder where they got it. (Although I’m sure there’ll come a day when I’m in denial and blame my hubby for this sometimes-odious trait!)

Back to the bookshelf. How hard can it be? I can do it, right? I’m smart, reasonably reasonable and I certainly can read directions, can I not? And it appears the man is not going to put it together for me since he’s sitting at his computer.

It looks like I have two choices. I can open the box and hope for the best or I can practice some patience and bribe him with something enticing to get him to do it tomorrow night.

What would you do?

Yep, it’s Wednesday again and that means you just spent time with yours truly,
Darlene Shortridge, Author, Speaker and Singer

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