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Wise Investing

My husband and I are pretty normal, (normal being relative here…to the topic, not normal normal, if you know what I mean). We work. We eat. We sleep. Our work may not be normal, the hours we sleep are definitely not normal and what we eat, well, that’s probably not normal either. It’s the fact that we do those things that is normal.

We also shop like normal people. Depending on the day, we may find ourselves running into the local Walmart or the Dollar Store around the corner for a loaf of bread. Money has been tight the past few years so we’ve cut corners and shopped according to our pocketbook instead of quality.

Well, that is about to change and while quality is nice, it is not the reason.

No, we didn’t win the lottery. And no, there have not yet been any offers to turn my books into movies. What has changed you ask?

Great, thanks for asking. I’ll be glad to tell you.

I have found, when the Lord puts something on your heart, He will make a way for it to happen.

Recently, I had the occasion in which I needed to purchase a gift. Instead of heading to Walmart or the mall, I ordered from a Christian friend who had the perfect item. When the transaction was complete, it gave me joy. I began thinking about why it made me joyful. I also asked myself if I feel such joy over this simple transaction, why do I not do this more often?

The Lord began to plant thoughts in my heart. Like, what if we Christians supported our brothers and sisters in Christ? What if we shopped at Christian owned stores? What if we asked our neighborhood Christian plumber to work on our plumbing and the Christian owned restaurant to host our next family outing? Can you imagine if we all started to support one another?

Can you imagine the fruit that would come from planting seeds in the lives of other Christians?

I think about the parable of the master and the talents in Matthew chapter 25. There was a master who gave his servants talents, to take care of for him while he was away. (A talent being a measure of fine metal such as gold and silver. Basically, it was something of great value that could have been used wisely or unwisely.) To one servant, the master gave five talents. To another he gave two. And to yet another he gave one. Then the master went on a long journey.

When he returned, the servant whom he had given five talents to had doubled his money and presented him with ten. The servant whom he had given two to, had also doubled their money and presented him with four. The servant whom he had given one to, did nothing with the money. In fact, he hid the money thinking it would be better to protect what he was entrusted with. He did not put his talent to good use. The master was pleased with both of the servants who used their money wisely and he blessed them greatly. To the one who hid his talent in the sand, he called him wicked and lazy and instead of rewarding him, the servant was punished.

There are many interpretations to these scriptures. I believe every time we are in the Word, the Holy Spirit will open our eyes to understand more, layer upon layer. And as I thought about these scriptures, I thought of this scenario.

We have three choices.

One, we can do nothing with our money, with our talents. We can spend our money foolishly on ourselves; on our own wants without any regard for anyone else.

Two, we can do what is expected. We can throw a little money in the offering plate at church. We can toss a few coins in the can sitting next to the homeless man. If a friend needs a loan, we can loan him a bit of cash as long as he signs in blood that it will be returned.

Or three, we can go all out. We can invest with wild abandon into people who will in turn invest in the Kingdom. We can give more, more than we ever dreamed. Even with limited income, if we invest our money wisely, it can multiplied again and again to make a huge impact for the Kingdom of Heaven.

Can you imagine, standing before God and Him saying, well done good and faithful servant. The $20 you spent to purchase a gift, was then used to help build a well in Nigeria, a boy who had fresh water grew up healthy and strong and was used to turn a nation to God? When we use our resources to further God’s plan…I believe we will stand amazed before the throne of God.

What will you do with your talents? It’s up to you.

Thanks for taking the time to grow with me this Wednesday.
Darlene Shortridge, Scribe for Christ

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Barbara K said...

This is so true, Darlene. I needed to hear this. It's very convenient to run into Walmart and pick it up quickly instead of waiting for it to come in the mail or having to run across town. I need to make a practice of supporting my brothers and sister in Christ in the way you have described.

Darlene Shortridge said...

I needed to hear it too. I am convinced that this type of support for one another is extremely important.