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Today's Woman!

This week I was asked an interesting question. The question made me think.

What is God going to do?

Well, let’s back up a little bit and I’ll explain the context of that question. We were discussing my writing ministry and how sometimes, I feel as if I am looking into my own life from the outside. I feel as if it’s not really me doing what I am doing. In the conversation, I put it this way.

“It's funny because...I look at others and their ministries...and somehow what I am doing is sort of surreal.
And at the same time...I am not surprised, because I know what God is doing.”
The question then asked of me was this, “What is God doing Darlene?
Tell me here... what is He doing?”

I had considered many times what my calling is. I know I am to write, specifically for women. I know I am to primarily write for Christian women. But I didn’t compile a complete, thorough, thought out sentence until I was asked the above question.

Here is what my fingers replied with. “He is using me to pour words of encouragement out in story order to reach women who are hurting and need learn to forgive themselves and order to step out of their past and be fully able to embrace the calling on their lives for today.”

That, in a nutshell, is what I am called to do.

I look around and see women who are called, who are talented, who are strong, competent, beautiful, intelligent, resourceful, creative, caring, compassionate and yet they are not walking in these wonderful attributes of Christ because they are being held at bay by their pasts.

We as women need to learn to let go of our pasts, no matter how good or how bad they might be, and learn to operate in the here and now…which is exactly where God wants us to be. Today is where we are most effective for Him. Today is when we can accomplish His will for our lives. Today is where God dwells with us. When we turn and look back, we are turning away from God. How can we expect to fully live in the blessings He has for us if we are continually turning our back on the Giver of all good things?

Which is why I write what I write. I write stories that are relevant for today. I write stories that we can all relate to, stories that will cause us to examine ourselves, our hearts and our motives.

I am blessed. I am living today with all of my power…and then some because it’s God’s power that truly makes me who I am.

Are you living fully today? Or do you keep looking back? Remember, the past keeps us from today. And this is where God operates in our lives.

Give Him your past. He’ll take care of it. And make a promise that you will begin living today for all it's worth.

Thanks for taking the time to grow with me this Wednesday!
Darlene Shortridge, Author of Soul Searching Fiction

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Kathy Goodhew said...

Darlene, thank you for pouring your heart out resulting with such insightful results! Praise God!

Darlene Shortridge said...

You are very welcome Kathy! Blessings. :)