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Squinkies: The Toy of Choice In Our Home

Ever since my daughter Emily was very young she has had an obsession with extremely small things. For a while, I brought  home one of those small dogs, the kind you get in bubble gum machines, after every grocery shopping trip. When I would arrive at my mothers to pick her up, she would eagerly meet me at the door to see what type of dog she was going to get that week. Then when she was a little older, I bought her Barbie dolls and Polly Pockets. Although she was fond of the Barbies, the Polly Pockets, which are miniature dolls, have always been given the top billing.

Then a few years ago she discovered Squinkies. Squinkies are small and come in bubbles just like the toys in gumball machines, but they are so much more. Squinkies have accessories like chairs, bikes, cribs, and so forth. Squinkies have gumball machines in the shape of cupcakes, teapots, and castles all which include small plastic coins for smooth operation. They have carousels, vans, and shopping malls. They have even gone so far as to create lines of Squinkies for Barbie, Disney Princesses, and Hello Kitty. But if you have boys, don't despair because Squinkies have lines featuring Disney Cars, Marvel Comic Heroes, and collectable aliens.

Emily will be turning eight soon and so it will probably come as no surprise to you that she is going to get her very own Squinky mansion. I found it shortly after black Friday and it was on clearance. There is nothing better then getting a forty dollar toy for fourteen dollars. Then just the other day, I found Squinky six packs at Wal-Mart clearanced down to a dollar. Special clearance prices make Squinkies the toy of choice in our home for both Emily and I. And since the girls in her class seem to love Squinkies too, they make great gifts for all the birthdays coming up this year. So if you have boys or girls who love small things like Emily and her friends be sure to get some Squinkies of your very own!

So ends another episode of Kids Korner with me, Children's Author Aileen Stewart. Join me next week for another exciting episode same krazy time, same krazy channel. And feel free to drop by my personal blog Aileen's Thoughts any day of the week for even more on reading, writing, and life in general.
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