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For quite some time I have heard the term Geocatching and wondered exactly what it was. Recently my friend and fellow children's author, Judi Chesshir, mentioned that she was a Geocacher; and so I asked her to do a guest post about the subject. I was truly excited to find out that Geocaching is a worldwide scavenger hunt because if the truth be known; I have always loved a good scavenger hunt. The best part of this hobby is that the whole family can participate. I was so intrigued by Judi's descriptions that I signed up to be a geocacher as well. So please welcome my friend and leave comments for her as she shares her Geocaching experiences!

A Different Approach to Book Marketing

By Judi Chesshir

This past summer, I found a fun and adventurous hobby that I used to help tell others about the book I wrote.  It is called Geocaching. Geocaching is a world, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS devices.  You navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the geocache (container) hidden at that location. I first heard of this in our local newspaper a few years ago. I tried it without any GPS device. It was very hard and I eventually gave up. After purchasing one, I finally tried again and fell in love with this game. 

What I enjoy the most about this is not knowing where I am going and what I will find.  It’s like having little mini adventures. Sometimes I am hiking trails, and other times I am climbing a small cliff or tree to find a cache.  The hunt gets me out of the house and moving around. The containers are hidden all over the US and world. The caches or containers come in a variety of sizes.  People who hide caches get creative with them, which makes the game even more fun. The containers  hold a log for the cacher to sign. Some even hold swag or trade items for all to enjoy. 

Another fun part of the game is finding trackables. A trackable is a registered number on a tag that can be attached to anything. The cacher finds a trackable and takes it with him or her  to a new cache further away.  The trackables travel all around the world. After finding about 100 or so, I decided I wanted to make a trackable and send it out into the world. I ordered my tags and then attached them to 4 copies of the  book I wrote called, MyFinny Fin Fin. I created a goal for each book and found ammo sized caches and dropped them off to start their travels. When a cacher finds one, they take it with them and move it to another location after logging it in. A message is sent to me to let me know where all my books have traveled. I am happy to say they have been taken thousands of miles since August. I enjoy reading messages from those who find them . I especially love reading how the kids enjoy the books. This was a unique way to try to get people to know about my book. I do not know if this has led to anyone purchasing a copy, but I am enjoying the experience either way. 
                                    The metal shark tag trackable has a number on the back and is attached to the book.

Another way I promote my book is by taking pictures of the cache with one of my bookmarks. I later upload the pictures onto the official geocaching site and now my book title can be seen by other cachers.   I also autograph the back of the bookmark and leave it in the larger containers for kids to take in trade.

A sample of a cache.

One more perk to this game is meeting other geocachers. I recently ran into a couple while searching for the same cache. We introduced ourselves and told each other our caching names. I mentioned my caching name, Finny Fin Fin and then we found the container together, signed the log and said goodbye. I later received a message on the geocaching site from one of them saying she had looked up my caching name on and noticed that I was an author. She told me she ordered my book for her grandson.  She asked if I would mind autographing it when it came in. I was thrilled to learn she had purchased the book and I did meet her to autograph it once it arrived. We even hunted for a few caches in the area together.
I hope that by having a few books as trackables, the bookmarks being left in containers, my cacher name on all the logs, and meeting other cachers, that others will learn about my book and purchase one too. Combining two of my passions, my book & geocaching, helped me come up with a fun and different way to promote my book.

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I would like to thank Judi for sharing her two favorite hobbies with us and if you want to see pics of my family's first Geo Hunt drop by my  personal blog Aileen's Thoughts.

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