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1st Annual Book Swap Blog Hop & Get FREE books!

When our children were young, I was so excited to build a library for them. It was important to me to have many, many good, quality books they could read over and over again, so I dug in with gusto.

That's how I created monsters. Now, that library has grown so large, that we have totes upon totes of books stacked everywhere in this house. Attic? Check. Bookshelves in every available space in the house? Check. The boys room? Girls room? OUR room? Check, check, check. Don't even get me started on the school room. Oiy!

Nowadays, if you see a book on our overwhelmed shelves, it has earned its place there. It has passed muster and we want to keep it. And by we, that basically means our daughter and I. Because, well, my husband and son really aren't that into reading. (Now that you've been made aware of one of the skeletons in our closet...)

These books need homes. Desperately. At one time, they were indispensable. Now, either through growth, waning interest, or simply a lack of room, we are purging.  

This is where you, dear readers & friends, get involved. 

We're having a Book Swap Blog Hop ~> where you can request and get 

Book Swap Blog Hop by The Maniacal Bookworm

When: November 1st - November 7th, 2012

-Each blogger must include the Book Swap Blog Hop picture in their post
-Each blogger must include a list of books they are willing to swap and receive with their readers
(EX: I am willing to swap these books:
        -title of book (any additional info)
I am looking for these books (if you don't have any of these books send me some you are willing to get rid of and maybe we can work something out):
        -title of book (any additional info)
-Each blogger must include a way for the potential swappers to contact them
-Each blogger must post any important facts about the books they are swapping (i.e.-ARC, Paperback, Hardback, What book # in a series, etc.)
-Each book you want to swap must be in good condition
-Each blogger and swapper must pay shipping for any book they send out
-Clearly post which countries you will ship to
-Include the list of other blogs participating in this hop
-Each blogger must schedule their post to go up 12:00 AM November 1st. And end 12:00 AM November 8th.
-Your books that you are swapping must be family friendly! (no inappropriate cover)
-Likewise your blog must also be family friendly. (no dirty pictures!)

Join us for the fun by signing up at 
Oh. And please tell her, Amanda sent ya! ;)

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