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T-shirt Shrug - Thrifty Tuesday

Living on one income, I have become thrifty. I love finding new and inventive ways to reuse, repurpose, and save money on everyday items. However, being the mother of teenagers, I have to find a way to do these things without being an embarrassment to my children.
*Ahem. Yes, I do try.* ;)

So, without further adieu, please let me introduce you to my newest blog segment ~ Thrifty Tuesdays. My plan? To inundate you with countless projects and plenty of ideas to help get those creative juices flowing. What? You don't sew? Perfect. Because me staying on one track for long periods of time doesn't seem to work. As I'm sure you've noticed.

What's in store for future Thrifty posts?
- DIY business card holders
- DIY magnet mayhem
- DIY business card bling
- DIY origami bookmarks
- DIY homemade laundry soap
- anything else I find that holds my attention, is easy, and cute.

Have an idea for a Thrifty post? Want me to post about something in particular?
Fantastic! Leave a comment!

When I saw this crafty project, I was thrilled to pieces. I love shrugs and sweaters of all sorts. But I cannot justify in any shape, form, or fashion, spending $20 on a little itty bitty shrug. Seriously? Um, no. I'll find a cheaper, more cost-effective way to feed my habit and clothe myself and daughter. ;)

This is one I found through Pinterest. (I love that place. read: very addictive and I would love it if you wanted to follow my boards!)

See T Shirt Shrug and 1000's of others - or share your own on Cut Out + Keep

No t-shirt is safe in our house now. None. My husband came home the other day with a gift from his job. Guess what? It was a bright yellow t-shirt, and my first thought was...

"Oh yeah! Uh huh, gonna tear it up and make it mine!" Yes, I did all this without asking. Why? Because I know hubster isn't going to wear anything on this earth that's yellow ~ yep. Mine by default! And I'm thrilled!

Just so you know, I'm not one to discriminate. Nope. Not at all. I've already tore up several of my long sleeved shirts, sewn up the easy-peasy seams, threaded the neckline with some pretty ribbon, and made a few long-sleeve shrugs to wear for church.

I'll never look at a T-shirt the same again...

long sleeve t-shirt sweater project

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Darlene Shortridge said...

Very cute! Creative and cost efficient. Hmmm...not sure how I, meaning me personally, would use those two words in a sentence. JK...but I am the one who does not, I repeat, does not, sew.

Karina Harris said...

Very cool. I may have to try this. Of course everything always looks better on the size 6 models...:)
But definitely worth destroying a t-shirt to try. Thanks for sharing!