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I said I wasn't going to do this...

and yet, here I am. Doing exactly what I said I wasn't. *face palm*

disappointed woman

Yes. I've procrastinated in setting up my blog post, and here it is, past my curfew (set by my wonderful hubby) and I'm typing like a mad woman.

Seriously, why do we do this to ourselves? Or, more correctly, why do I do this to myself?! Humor me a side trip, if you please. Sleep and I don't seem to get along. I mean seriously. Most nights, I operate on less than six hours. And that's a good night. I was like that as a kid ~ I have the ornery mother that'll prove it to you! (Love you, mom!) But, I won't bore you with horrid details of my insomnia. On to better and brighter things.

One of my excuses reasons for waiting until the last minute for this post is, I want to talk about what people want to read/learn/know. And frankly, sometimes I just don't know what you people want! ;) (smile. It's healthy!) I'm not normally a person that says do this, do that, do this. (Unless you're my child. And if you're my child, did you brush your teeth? Clean your room?) In fact, I probably shirk my duties in that area more than I should. I mean hey! God made me the wife, and we all know what God says about submission, right?! (Yes. I'm one of those weirdos that actually likes to listen to my hubby. Except, of course, when my blog post needs to be done right before bedtime...)

I've been bombarded/asked/prodded (use whichever verb you prefer) lately about being published. About writing. do you get started writing? My smart aleck self usually starts to reply with a more profound answer, like, write but I realize this is not the answer most people are looking for. So, today, please bear with me as we try to navigate this new, daunting river called...experience. I don't mean that I know everything. Oh my word, absolutely NOT. Don't even go there! But, there are a few things I wish I had been told or had found out before I had started this journey. Up the creek. Without the proverbial paddle.

Please let me preface this by saying, I never intended to be an author. It wasn't something I used to dream about lying in bed at night. It just...happened. But let's get to it, shall we?

1. If you're interested in becoming a writer, your best bet would be to narrow down what you want write. Do you want to write fiction? Non-fiction? Mystery? Romance? Christian? Secular? Those are your starting points.

After you figure area you want to write in, don't box yourself in and think that's the only place you'll ever write. I never. EVER. thought I'd write non-fiction. Yet, that's exactly what I'm working on. Come to think of it, I never thought I'd write a series ~ and yes, I'm working on one of those as we speak, er, type.

2. Find a writer's group. You might find one near you. Google it. If your main interest is, say, Science-Fiction, Google Science-Fiction writer's groups in your area. If you come up empty, use a series of different words. I realize there may not be too many writer's groups that focus on the mating rituals of insects, but the internet levels the playing field. All of a sudden, (or not), you can become best friends with the person that discovered there are 1500 different species of Australian spiders. (Please dear Lord, don't let them come over this way. I've seen pictures, and they're HUGE!)

3. Start making connections now. Social Media is your best friend. But, like a best friend, if you abuse it, it won't come out and play with you. Do NOT under any circumstance, only talk about yourself. Or your book. Or your fascination with Australian spiders. (ick. Really. Why are you still reading this post if that's where your tastes lie?!) Spend time making friendships. Talk to people. Tweet someone else's books.
*(Right now, I'm reading an excellent Christian romance by Beth Vogt - Wish You Were Here. If you like C.R., you might want to try it!)* 
Tweet someone else's posts. Start doing this now ~ even before you write your book. I wish I had done that, but I have to do things the difficult way. :) Ah well. Sometimes we learn best when things aren't so easy.

**Note to the A.D.D. types out there ~ it helps to set a timer to keep from getting sidetracked. I've found it especially helpful not to feed my family right before I get online. When a sufficient amount of time has passed, they start hovering like buzzards and I usually get the point. Usually.

4. A very important thing to do is set aside a time for writing every day. Every. Day. Don't skimp on this point. Your brain is a muscle that needs to be flexed to get stronger. Use it even when you don't feel like it. Grab a nice cup of tea or coffee, or whatever, and write. It helps relax. Unless you're writing about those spiders and you've got the heebie-jeebies. Then you may want to use bug spray.

dead spider

5. Start a Blog. There are a few people that just aren't interested in blogging, and that's all right. But, I find it boosts my creativity and gets those juices flowing. If you don't want to be tied to the computer all day, start a journal. It's simple and effective. Plus, you can take it with you when you're traveling.

These are just a few things to get you started. I realize there are about five-million other things you can do to kick-start your, ahem, lucrative, *gasp, wheeze* writing career. Are you a writer? What things do you find helpful? What advice would you give?

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Beth K. Vogt said...

Thanks for the shout-out!
I had to work my way past the reference to Australian spiders (ick, ick ick!) but other than that I nodded my head all the way through your post.
And yes, I've done the last minute writing of a blog post or too, myself.

Kathy Goodhew said...

For last minute writing pressure youd did really well! I can identify with each point made. (Done that, didn't think of doing that!, Hm, yep I procrastinated too) Thank you for sharing.

Amanda Stephan said...

Hi Beth! I'm so glad you stopped by :) You know, I have always wondered about people who know so much about spiders. Like how many there are. This would be me -

SPIDER! Gimme the vacuum...HURRY!

I just don't really take the time to check it out and see if it's one I've seen before. Perhaps I should, though. A couple of weeks ago, we had one in the house that was mouse-sized. (used my son's baseball bat for that one!)

Amanda Stephan said...

Why thank you, Kathy! I'm glad to see you here. There are so many things I wish I would have done before I had started this journey. However, you know what they say about hindsight...

Thanks for coming by!