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Old Fashioned or Not? - Poll

eReaders. Do you love them or hate them?

I know quite a few people that love their reader device. There's so many to choose from; Nook, Kindle, Sony, Kobo, iPad, etc. I like to read, I even have a couple different readers. But I'm not so sure I like them. Now, this post isn't to get anyone all in a tizzy, I'm simply telling you what I think  (plus, asking for your thoughts) So please answer the poll below! :) Win-win, right?

My Pros:
- They save on my bookshelf space. Only the signed or my favorites even stay on my shelves anymore. I'm simply running out of room! :)

- Less paper waste ~ don't get me wrong. I'm not a hard-nosed advocate of everything green as I think everything needs to have balance. Too much on one side isn't good, but I do like the idea of less waste. (I can still hear my mother's voice now: "Waste not, want not!" I love my mom!) :)

- Cheaper ~ sometimes. Ok let me vent for a moment. I format the interior of paperbacks as well as for various readers. Why in the world are there eBooks out there for $100?! Good night! I shudder to think...

Here's what one reader said on Amazon for an ebook that was $16:
This book is too expensive for a Kindle book. I have never bought a book from Kindle costing more that 9.95 and will not.
I would like to read this book and the others in the triogy but not at 16.00 a pop.

And this isn't the first I've seen or heard.
But I digress.

My Cons:
- After a few hours of reading on either of my devices, my eyes are completely batty. Not just for a few minutes. The rest of the DAY. Hello! I can't read before driving because it would hinder my ability. Sheesh! I can see it now: (I'm sorry officer. I didn't mean to run over that nice Granny. I just didn't know which one to avoid as there were TWO...) I had thought it was my device because of back-lighting, so I got a different one. Nope. My eyes do the same for the paper ink, too. I guess my eyes are sensitive.

- Limited to where I can take my device for multiple reasons.
A) I know some women who put their readers in their purse, or they have this cutesy little bag (that alone is enticing!) but I hesitate. I have enough baggage to haul around. I don't want to add to the bulk! :)

B) Bragging. Now this one sounds kind of dumb, but to me it's important. I have no desire to 'show off' what I have by carrying around my little toys. (The story about King Hezekiah showing the Babylonians the treasures of Israel comes to mind.) What I have is my business. I don't need to proclaim it to the world, right?

When authors ask me to review their book, 9 times out of 10 they ask if they can send me the book in eCopy form. 9 times out of 10 I'll take it because, frankly, I know it's less expensive for that author and I don't mind helping them out. BUT I always stipulate ~ if they want their book to be reviewed faster, send the paperback, and it goes right to the top of my list. Because I'm old-fashioned. I love the feel and texture of books. The smell. (As long as it's not musty.) I will carry around a book EVERYWHERE ~ (for all you authors reading this, that's GREAT advertisement. No one can see what I'm reading on a device unless I TELL them. But they CAN see your book in my arm.)
And about 8 times out of 10, they'll send me the paperback copy. Because they want to be reviewed quicker. Just sayin... ;)

But these are just my thoughts. I realize I'm a dinosaur at times, so I'd like to know what you think.

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Darlene Shortridge said...

I voted! I guess I prefer the perfect paperback...but I also love the convenience of my Nook.

Kristi Burchfiel said...

It really depends for me. I love being able to take my Kindle with me on a plane and when I travel...way easier than taking a stack of books. However, it really depends on the genre of book. I prefer e-book for non-fiction, paperback for children's books (color or non-color device, pictures just aren't the same) and hardback for my "favorite, read over and over again" fiction books.

Sherry Kuhn said...

I must say that for me, I prefer to read books on my kindle or EeePad because I can change the font size, make notes or highlight something, it keeps my place automatically and I carry my library with me where ever I go. Not to mention that some books are cheaper and there is no shipping cost or time involved. favorite books (if they have a print version) will always be found on my shelf because I do love to handle them, smell them and flip through the pages. There's something about seeing that book on a shelf.