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A Fond Farewell

There is an old saying that states -- All Good Things Must Come To An End, and for the Kids Korner, that time is now. I have loved every minute spent writing my Monday posts, but as I have grown as an author, so have the demands on my time.
Therefore, it is with great sadness that I say that this is my last post on the Sister's In Cahoots Website. I want to thank each and every one of my followers for taking the time to read my posts every Monday. And I invite you all to follow me on my personal blog Aileen's Thoughts.

Happy Reading!
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Numbered Days

As I sit here and enter our son's grades into the homeschooling umbrella school, it hit me all over again. 

My job as a homeschooling mother is almost over.

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And even though we've had our days I'm seriously going to miss it. So bad that I don't have a clue what I'm going to do with my time once he graduates. I know, it's a few years away, but somehow, while I was doing the necessary accounting of my teaching actions, it hit me upside the head.

My days are numbered.

That shouldn't surprise me. The Bible says in 

Psalm 90:12 - So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. 

You know how it is. You do the same old thing every single day, even some Saturdays, and it becomes routine. Old hat. So when you sit down to start another new day of teaching, you fill the quiet, seat-work times with things you want to do. Like read. That's why I have a huge reading list. I realize it isn't as large as some, but I also didn't add some books that are sitting on my shelf that I'm already reading. 

And then, there's times where the crafty side of me kicks in and I have to craft or I'll go crazy. Like crochet a bedspread. A new hat, scarf, and gloves, or a skirt. And I keep adding things on my plate until I can't see over the top. Like learning how to make beautiful bead jewelry.

And I forget to number my days and to focus on what's really important.

My family.
My son's education. <~ I'm going to miss it so much when he's done. I really am. I'll struggle with the 'am I good for anything else' garbage, I'm sure, but right now, he's what I must focus first and foremost on. 

What about you? What does it take for you to realize that life is transient? You won't live forever. Is it a death in your family? Grade accounting? Another birthday? 

Only one life will soon be past, only what's done for Christ will last.

I pray we remember that and thank Him for another day.

Amanda Stephan~Christian Author
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Book Review: Through the Fog by Karina Harris

"Jake Holland fears he will never be happy again now that the woman he loves has married another man. In an effort to escape the agony of her nearness, he takes up a new profession, as a sheriff’s deputy. Now he is determined to learn the skills it takes to keep his town, and those he loves, safe from the ever growing threat of lawlessness.
Suzanna Chamberlin is in no hurry to find a husband. She is content to stay in the confines of her loving family and friends. But when Nathan Ford gets hired on to take Jake’s place at the General Store, she begins to rethink her priorities.
Neither is ready for the adventures or danger headed their way. In a wild land filled with even wilder men, will Jake find the strength to protect the town from rustlers and thieves? And when faced with a choice, will Suzanna take the step to find true love or be fooled by charm?" (book description)
I love a good story set in the old west when things were simpler and life was about relationships. People knew how to work hard and build their dreams with their own two hands. As the saying goes, "they were simpler times".
In this book, we watch Jake pine for his lost love and then learn to move on from that to find the love that God had for him all along. I remember in the last book, Elements of Change, when we first met Jake. He was just a bit character in that book, but here we finally find out the story behind Jake Holland and I personally began to love his character. I felt sorry for him when he had to watch the woman he loved marry another man, I cheered for him when he found a way to make life worth living again, and I was very happy for him when life took a turn he never imagined.
The characters were very well thought out, the situations believable, and the era it was set in was accurate from what I could tell. I love the way Karina Harris, the author, puts her heart and soul into her stories.
This, like all the books by Karina Harris, was very worth the read!
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